South Suffolk Show 2017



 What’s was new at the South Suffolk in

the Livestock Section

The Red Poll Youngstock Show

Grand Parade of Livestock.

Cattle Young Handlers:  Classes 184 and 185 will now be awarded a 1st prize of £20 and a 2nd prize of £15.

For a copy of the Livestock Results for the 2017 Show

 click on the link below.

Livestock Results 17

Livestock Results 16

Public Safety in Livestock Lines

In the Interest of public safety, the livestock lines will be closed whilst the main movements of livestock for judging and for the Grand Parade are in progress. Livestock exhibitor’s wrist bands will admit them to the livestock lines at all times. The wrist band is not transferable and must be worn, no one, other than wrist band holders will be allowed to enter.

The General Public will have access to the livestock lines after completion of judging and 14.30 pm (before preparation of animals for Grand Parade)