The South Suffolk Show is affiliated to the following showing and breed societies;
BDS, DBS, SHS, British Showjumping, BSPS, SHB(GB), BSHA, BSPS, UK PONIES AND HORSES, BSPA, SSA and Equifest.

Horse And Pony Results 2022

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Horse And Pony Schedule 2022

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Grand Ring
Private Driving
Mrs A. Jackson (Lincs)
Countryside Ring
Suffolk Heavy Horses
Mrs L. Impey (Essex)
Mr M. Bundock (Norfolk)
Ring 1
Tattersalls Show Jumping Ring
Judged in accordance with the 2021 British Showjumping Rule Book
Sue Peasley (Norfolk)
Ring 2
Local Novice & SHB(GB) Working Hunters Jumping Phases
Working Hunter Ponies
Classes 23 – 27: Mrs J.Carter (Cambs)
Classes 28 – 36: Mrs J. Somerset (Kent) & Mrs J. Fitchett (Staffs)
Mr G. Quinlan (Essex)
Ring 3
Local Novice Working Hunter, Novice & Open Hunter Ridden Hunters – Weights, Small & Ladies Hunters
Ridden Skewbald/Piebald
Classes 38 – 42: Conformation Miss M. G. Evans (Suffolk), Ride Miss Charlotte Wyatt
Classes 43 – 50: Confirmation Mr T. Wiggett (Northants)
Classes 42 – 47 & 49: Ride Miss Leslie Whitehall
Class 48: Ride Miss Leslie Whitehall
Classes 51 – 55: Conformation Mr M. Surman (Beds), Ride Miss N. Graylen (Essex)
Ring 4
Hack, Cob & Riding Horse
Thoroughbred In-Hand & Ridden Show Horse
Classes 56 – 65: Conformation Mr P. Brightwell (Suffolk), Ride Miss L. Haines (Suffolk)
Classes 66 – 67: Conformation Ms A. Brundenell (Cambs)
Class 66: Ride Miss L. Collinson (Suffolk)
Classes 68 – 69: Miss L. Haines
Ring 5
Show Pony
Show Hunter Ponies
Classes 70 – 78: Mrs D. Christie (Leics)
Classes 79 – 85: Miss C. Chubb (Kent)
Ring 6 A & B
In-Hand Mountain & Moorland
Side Saddle Equitation & Concours D’Elegance
Ridden Mountain & Moorland
Classes 86 – 94: Miss E. J. Barnes (Northants)
Classes 95 – 97: Miss D. Clayton (Norfolk)
Classes 98 – 103: (i) Mrs J. Godden (Sussex)
Classes 98 – 105: (ii) Mr D. Bright (Bucks)

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The 2022 South Suffolk Horse and Pony pre-show class entries and show-jumping times are now available. To download, please click on the links below. 

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